Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sad news....

I regret to inform all my fans and followers that Jen a Roo Blogs is going close. The month of May will be our last month on the web! I ask that you start looking to other template sites for your blog use since mine will no longer be seen on your blog.

I spend so much time and money each year buying and designing blog templates for you all to use on your blog and can not afford to buy the kits and pay for the monthly server fees each month. I am saddened to see that I have not seen a donation since last May and since I rely fully on donations to pay for our $10 a month server fees, for the last 11 months. I have had to dip into my own funds to pay.

I hope you all understand and I want you to know how much I have appreciated your support since we opened our site in February of 2008!!! But it is now time to say Goodbye!! That's why I haven't put my backgrounds back up.

**** this will include all the custom stuff as well , sorry for the inconvenience. ****

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Karen Mortensen said...

Sorry to hear this. What is going to happen to my blog design?