Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Terms of Use

Please read through the design terms & conditions before you fill out the order form.

All designs and images of Roo's Creations & Designs and other respective designers are protected by copyright. By purchasing a design from Roo's Creations & Designs, you are given the right to display your designs only on the blog or web site you have purchased them for.  Designs made by Roo's Creations &Designs must remain intact. The client does not shave the rights to redistribute, edit, alter, or claim these designs as your own in any way, shape, or form. You may not edit or create any designs to make coordinating graphics for your blog, website or personal use. Your design is published as the work of Roo's Creations & Designs. You must remove all the designs made by Roo's Creations & Designs, if you choose to replace certain elements of the design. Hiring another designer to create any cording ting designs to match the designs created by Roo's Creations & Designs is a violating these terms. Please contact us if you'd like to have your design updated or any coordinating designs made.

All free blog background images and designs may be used for your personal blog ONLY. You may not redistribute, edit, alter, or claim these designs as your own in any way, shape, or form. By using any of our free blog back grounds or purchasing a custom design from Roo's Creations & Designs you are required to abide by these design terms. 

Roo's Creations & Designs ONLY communicates vail email. During the whole process there will be quite a few emails back and forth between us, so please check your email regularly. This will help the designing and installation process move quicker. Working business days are Monday-Friday. Working  business hours 10am to 3pm. ( hours may vary on occasion )  Roo's Creations & Designs does not 

work on weekends or holidays. When you place a new order we will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

When Roo's Creations & Designs is ready to begin your designs we will send you an invoice via paypal. We do not accept personal checks or cash. Payment must be made in full Prior rot designing and installation. On e you have submitted your payment you are agreeing to all of  Roo's Creations & Designs design terms. Excessive revisions from the client will be charged an additional fee of $15 per hour. Roo's Creations & Designs will inform you when you are reaching the point of excessive revisions.  Refunds will not be issued for any reason.

When Roo's Creations & Designs is installing your designs a Roo's Creations & Designs link button 
will be installed in you sidebar. There will also be text linking back to our site at the bottom of your 

blog that states your blog was designed by Roo's Creations & Designs. You may place out side bar 
link button anywhere along the Sid bar  area, but you may not remove or alter it in anyway. If you wish to remove any of the designs that Roo's Creations & Designs created for you, you must choose a new template through Blogger. Please contact us if you'd like anything changed design wise. 

On all of  our free blog backgrounds there is a link tag to our site in the left top corner of the 

background. You may not remove or alter this tag in any way. All free blog backgrounds and custom designs are ONLY for blogger use.

It is the responsibility of the client to obtain copyrights and permission to use any photos or graphics that you provide to Roo's Creations & Designs for your designs. Please make sure you have obtained 

permission and copyrights of any photos or graphics before submitting them to Roo's Creations & 
Designs. Roo's Creations & Designs will not be held responsible for those photos or graphics. Terms of use for digital design kits  or digital images purchased from Istockphoto to use for your designs require that we can not share them with you. They will only be used for the designs on your blog. 

You will be billed for the cost of the design kit or digital images from Istockphoto  and then 
Roo's Creations & Designs will purchase the files and pay for any commercial fees. 

The waiting time for the compilation of your blog designs are only an estimation. On average your blog will be completed within 2 weeks. If you are in a hurry and would like to put a rush on your designs it is double the price. 

In order for Roo's Creations & Designs to create, install, or provide technical support for your blog, we will need your login information to your blogger account. You can always change your password 
temporarily while you are working with us. We do not give this information out to anyone.

* Save your blog info. Roo's Creations & Designs is not responsible for anything lost on your blog while we are installing your designs. It is the responsibility  of the client to save all side bar content, current header, or background images. 

Roo's Creations & Designs reserves the right to display all finished designs on our site for promotion and advertisement purposes. We will not link your blog if you do not want us to.

If you are new to blogging, please be familiar with how your blog functions before placing an order with us. Please be aware that we do not set your blog up for you, you must already have an existing blogger account and a blog. We do not install any extra curricular gadgets.

Right to refuse. Roo's Creations & Designs has the right refuse to design for a blog that is vulgar, profane or offensive in any way. 
No design or images from Roo's Creations & Designs may be used in anyway that is hateful, sexual, vulgar, or offensive in any way. 

If you have any questions please contact us. Thank you!

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